Offroad Mountainbike

unwrapping d a n s e

a partial lecture about a partial history
an unfinished d a n s e by a saturated body
an ongoing practice… exposed

What holds up when the wrapping is gone? Is there a leg to stand on once the shining sheen of performance paraphernalia is rubbed out? What was there anyway, before it got stitched up?

In a performed-dance-discussion Rosalind Crisp dances and talks about what she is doing, exposing aspects of her continually evolving project, d a n s e, and how her practice is sustained and transformed over time.

I project the 9 minute film 'danse', of myself dancing at Le Fresnoy, France in 2005. it was made at the beginning of a process of research that I amstill engaged in. I talk about what I was concerned with at that time, while the film is still playing. Then I dance. During and after the dancing, I talk about what I'm doing now, what is in the forefront of my research interests now. Questions come up. I don't try to explain everything but
rather to engage the audience in some of the central aspects of my inquiry.
The lecture is only ever partial and invariably slides towards fiction. I like to keep it fluid, responsive to the audience, and playful - like a dance.

Unwrapping d a n s e  has been developed with the support
of residencies at:
Tasdance, Tasmania, 2012
Orbost Mechanics Institute, Victoria, 2013
Tanzfabrik, Berlin, 2013
Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, Paris, 2013
Unwrapping d a n s e presented in:
Launceston, Tasmania, 2012
Poznan, Poland, 2013
Oslo, Denmark, 2013
Berlin, Germany, 2013
Cornwall, England, 2013
Stockholm Sweden, 2013
Salzburg, Austria, 2013
Viljandi, Estonia 2014
STRUT Perth Australia 2014
Critical Path Sydney 2014
Judith Wright Centre Brisbane Australia 2014