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d a n s e (4)

In d a n s e (4), Rosalind Crisp expands her project by inviting three French dance artists, Céline Debyser, Max Fossati and Alban Richard, to appropriate her choreographic materials and processes of research. Her intention was to develop multiple registers of  d a n s e  , renderings of the work that are very different to her own and that can co-exist. For this she immerses the dancers in her choreographic world, at the same time constantly invites them to effect it, to transform it in their own way and even to reinvent it.

The structure of d a n s e (4)  builds on that of dance. The work is performed in an open space with benches for the audience to sit on and move between as they wish. The dancers inhabit the space one by one. Each of them composes according to their individual relationship to the practice and within the shared parameters of the “world” of  d a n s e . It is a very personal journey experienced in the immediacy of the moment. The work is structured to bring the four dancers into common spaces at times, without ever imposing a dramaturgy.  Swiss rock musician and composer Hansueli Tischhauser, plays live guitar at the 38 minute mark, and later, at the end, delicate ukulele as he wanders nonchalantly through the empty space.

With this work Rosalind Crisp also extends her investigation into perception, taking the public into an experience of dance that is sensitive, visceral, alive and in close contact with the dancers. The proximity to the dancers intensifies the proprioception of the spectators, eliciting in them an interior movement. Reciprocally, this effects the proprioception of the dancers, making them porous to the presence of the people around them. The spectators are free to move through space and take different points of view on each dancer, or on the group. The dancers develop a subtle listening in relation to one another, with the public and with the space."

conception and choreography Rosalind Crisp
Céline Debyser, Max Fossati, Alban Richard
assistant Andrew Morrish
musique live Hansueli Tischhauser
technical direction Marco Wehrspann
costumes Maeva Cunci
stage design Rosalind Crisp et Marco Wehrspann
durée 60 minutes
création le 10 juin 2008 au Théâtre du Soleil dans le cadre du festival JUNE EVENTS 08 de l'Atelier de Paris

touring : premiered at the june events festival 08, théâtre du soleil, atelier de paris-carolyn carlson, june 2008  l  les plateaux de la biennale nationale de danse du val-de-marne - CDC, september 2008 (extracts)  l  condition publique, roubaix, decembre 2008  l  festival artdanthé, vanves, february 2009  l   festival biennale nationale de danse du val-de-marne, centre des bords de marne scène conventionnée du perreux, april 2009.

production: association omeo dance - company rosalind crisp
coproduction: atelier de paris-carolyn carlson  l  CDC-biennale nationale de danse du val-de-marne  l  centre des bords de marne–scène conventionnée du perreux  l  centre chorégraphique national de roubaix nord-pas de calais  l  la condition publique, roubaix  l  with the support of: ADAMI  l  direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Ile-de-france–ministère de la culture et de la communication - project grant   l  in partnership with: centre national de la danse, pantin for studios  l  mains d'œuvres.

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